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The Million Dollar Business

Learn to Grow your Business to $1 Million+

Providing you the accounting support, guidance, and structure to grow

your business with a profit.


Your business journey from $250K to $1M in revenue starts here.

Learning and understanding your numbers are critical as you grow your business to $1M in sales. We provide a full service experience for our clients providing weekly accounting to showcase your company’s financial performance. We are proactive and very responsive.

  • Dedicated Success Lead,

  • Document management system

  • Monthly Financial Reporting by the 15th.

  • Timely financials backed by weekly accounting

  • Monthly group-based financial advisory 


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  • Why do I really need to look at my financials monthly?

  • I have profit but where is my cash?

  • Why does my gross profit matter?

  • What does it cost to stay in business each month?

  • Cash management is a big part of what you teach us, right?

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Your business is thriving with annual revenues of $1M to $10M+, well done.

With our Client Accounting Advisory Services (CAAS) - This is where the conversation changes and how you are being advised on what to focus on with what is moving financially each week, monthly, and are you on target with your projections for profit, labor, etc.  Is your gross profit in range to cover your operating expenses with the profit target we are working towards?


  •  Accounts Payables System

  • Accounts Receivables System for measuring days of collecting cash

  • Best practices for keeping your company well capitalized and nimble

  • Guidance on percentage of labor, profit, gross profit & Asset and Debt ratio ranges.

  • Monthly 1:1 CFO meeting to review your financials, or as needed.


  • Can I afford to hire my next employee?

  • What is the impact on my company when I purchase i.e, a Tesla, a building, a diesel truck?

  • I want to take a $100K distribution to buy an investment property, bad decision?

  • What are best practices for managing profits while planning for quarterly tax installments?



You have a profitable company with profits ranging from $100K to $1M+ each year.  You are frustrated why your CPA is not sharing tactical ways to reduce your tax bill each year, so you can better keep more of what you earn than “pay your fair share”.  Is this you?

Imagine reducing your annual taxes bill by $16,231 or even by $71,387 this year.  Yes, we can work with you to prepare a custom tax strategy, along with our support for implementation of the strategies. You are seeking proactive guidance for tax strategies and implementation to reduce your tax bill.  Legally paying less in taxes would allow you to be more competitive in your market space, hire more skillful talent, and better prepare for investment opportunities.

Ask about our tax planning assessment to see if you qualify.


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  • Can my company offer fringe benefits to its management as a tax free benefit?

  • What are the benefits of being classified as a ‘Statutory Employee’ with EDD in California?

  • Are there ways to reduce my pass-through income from my S-Corp impacting my Adjusted Gross Income for tax purposes?

  • Is it true if I have children over the age of 8 years old and heard, I can create a Family Management Company to reduce taxes?

  • Why is my CPA not performing the PTE (Pass-through Entity Elective Tax) calculation to help offset my corporate taxes?


Legally start reducing the taxes you pay this year.
Are you ready? 

We work with you to create various future based scenarios targeting revenue, profit, and growth while implementing strategies to reduce your taxable income.

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