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Your Journey as Our Client

Your Numbers tells a story, listening?
What's working? What are the leaks?

  • Techniques for cash management

  • Know your Financials, No excuses.

Know your Numbers, Know your Business

  • Share your WINS

  • Your business in 2-5 years

  • Profit improvement planning

  • Understanding profit vs. cash

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Industries We Currently Support

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  • $250K to $1M+ Annual Revenue

  • 2-5+ years active in business

  • 2 - 15+ Employees

  • Prosperity minded

  • Coachable, and responsive

  • Committed


We operate as a boutique accounting and strategy tax planning firm. Having been in business since 2004, we follow well honed workflow and best business practices to see that our clients experience the attention they have been seeking to keep financially informed and on track.

Many of our team members have been on staff for over 5+ years. You might think why would this be valuable to you as our client? It’s simple. We value each of our team members and provide a great work culture that encourages leadership and innovation. People stay where they are treated well, and it’s our hope that working with us as our client you, too, experience the effort we put into helping you win in business by knowing how to navigate the tricky path of financial success.

Our unique approach to providing what you need to help those that are interested in growing their business to $1M+ in annual revenue is designed in our
Monthly Money Check-In Program.

Who we serve

You are the business owner that is intentional and passionate about what you provide to your clients, and knowing where you stand financially is now a priority.

Are you on your 3rd, 4th or 5th bookkeeper or accountant in two years?

Recently you may have become frustrated by not getting the support you really need to understand your financial numbers consistently every month.


You charge a fair fee for your services and want to know if you are profitable, or are you just fooling yourself with an overstated bank balance at that moment?

You want financial statements every month by a set date you can count on to make your important financial decisions.

You may have been referred to us from your CPA or someone who cares about your success and wants to see you win.

Welcome to SimpleBackOffice!

  • Reconciled and reviewed financials delivered by the 15th of each month.

  • Small group of business owners joining online

  • High-quality workbook shipped to your home/office quarterly

  • Hot Seat for 1:1 discussions

  • Q & A

  • Monthly Financial Accountability

Weekly accounting, timely financials with group-based financial advisory:

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