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Why We Added Tax Advisory Services in 2023

Why We Added Tax Advisory Services in 2023

For several years, as we provided weekly accounting services for our high 6 and 7 figure

business clients, we noticed numerous missed opportunities.

These opportunities went unnoticed by financial planners, tax preparers, benefits providers,

and even business bankers!

Despite everyone’s best intentions, these missed opportunities were costing our clients a lot of

money year after year.

Examples include not understanding how to reduce Adjusted Gross Income to pay less in taxes or potentially drop into a lower tax bracket. There was the Business/ Home Rental strategy being missed, an Accountable Reimbursement Plan, and several other proven tactics Many were misled into thinking that getting a big tax refund was always great, when it was merely because you over paid in taxes.

In late 2022, we decided to invest over $50,000 in 2023 to acquire knowledge through 1:1 training, conferences, and specialized software to implement tax strategies alongside our exceptional accounting services.

Who is Tax Advisory Services for?

Tax Advisory Services are suitable for businesses generally making over $75,000/year or more.

It’s for business owners with a prosperity mindset who seek guidance to reinvest tax savings back into the company, raise team member wages, or enhance competitiveness in the market. It’s also for those looking to accelerate the building of investment capital for their next big move!

Estimated tax savings for our clients in 2023 range from as low as $11,623 to as much as $37,181. Actual savings depend on individual business circumstances and the tactics we implement throughout the year.

Who is Tax Advisory NOT for?

Tax Advisory Services are not for business owners who are not coachable or unwilling to put in the effort needed to stay in compliance with the strategies.

Mindset is everything, and negative beliefs from a spouse or colleague can quickly sabotage your financial success.

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