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How to Run Effective Meetings?

WHAT is it: This is a document that explains why it is so important to boost productivity and efficiency in a meeting and the steps to do it. Meetings are in fact, essentials in every aspect of life, and even more at work, that's why we need to know how to have a successful meeting that allows us to be on the same page with all of the attendees and to be aware of what should be done.

HOW it works: For accomplishing this you will need to follow the next steps:

  1. Confirmation from the client/lead/prospect

  2. Citing agenda

  3. Preparation prior to the meeting

  4. Accountants question list (if needed)

  5. Feel ready to communicate

  6. Being on time

  7. Start the recording

  8. Jot down the action items

  9. Book another meeting (if needed)

  10. Write the takeaways and pending items in the MOM "Minutes of the Meeting" document

WHY execute the process: Not only can meetings be a waste of time, but if not planned efficiently, they're actually a waste of money, too. Love them or hate them, you can't completely eliminate meetings. So it's important to make them as useful and constructive as possible. In the spirit of efficiency, saved time.

BENEFIT/OUTCOME: Meetings are an important way to keep your team in sync and your initiatives running smoothly. Whether you need to share information, gather feedback, or make decisions, there are a plethora of positive effects of having weekly staff meetings.

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