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Create your 'Ideal' Week

Maker vs. Manager Schedule


While there are SEVEN davs a week, not all davs are equal.

Just like a professional athlete where they practice, perform, and rest; we as entrepreneurs are to do the same if we are to peak perform in the market place.


Consider defining your days of the week in advance as to when you handle activities I.e, research, sorting out issues, planning, organizing, or being creative.

Then identify what days) are revenue producing. These are days you are playing all out, meeting with clients, referral partners, etc.

Lastly, what days are you planning for down time, rejuvenate, or rest. Rest days are defined as a day midnight to midnight that is not work related.

That's right, no meetings, no email, no thinking about work-period.

Your 'IDEAL' week may change seasonally or by the month. Either way I dare you to implement this strategy to peak perform and to take back vour life.

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