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Cheap Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Besides competition, there are numerous reasons marketing costs are increasing.

For instance, changes in Facebook ad algorithms and the rise of ad blockers may be factors. Regardless of the reason, many small businesses struggle to keep marketing costs down.

Some cheap marketing ideas are easy to implement but requires a little time and patience.

1. Organic Social Media Growth

One key aspect of organic social media reach is building trust with your audience.

Customers are savvier than they used to be when it comes to advertising tech-niques.

2. Mass SMS Messaging

People are spending unprecedented amounts of time interacting with their smart-phones. Most people spend hours each day looking at their phone. You essentially have a captive audience for each marketing SMS message you send.

3. Penetrating Facebook Pages and Groups

A Facebook page is a great way to reach potential customers and form relationships that lead to repeat business. Interacting with other pages and groups is key to getting the most out of your social media marketing strategy.

4. Direct Email Marketing

Email marketing services allow vou to automate emails. You can set up an email sales funnel, where you send several emails spaced out over time. These services typically offer templates and other features to help create professional emails.

5. Cold Calls

Cold calls are virtually free, aside from pay and benefits for the person or team making the calls. They are also a time-saver. You'll often know right away if you've made a sale, rather than waiting for results.


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