Peter Reed Roofing Co.


May 7, 2018

My experience working with Todd has been a real eye opener as to what I could do with my business. He has been teaching me how to use the money that make to better support me. How to make taxes easier to pay, what bank account I need to open and use for different purposes. I feel that when he is talking to me and directing me, he actually is a teammate working with me and not for me.

He took the time to go over what options there were for me and how he can help me the most. I have a one man roofing company for now and he helped me set up a guideline for me to keep on a basic course that wasn’t overwhelming.

Whenever I need to get some questions answered, if Todd cant help me right then I know that his team can help, and that Todd tries to follow up with anything else that I may have questions that I have.

Todd has set me up with specific bank accounts for specific purposes. At the end of the month, they help me go over my bank statements, and make sense of it all. He is also helping me with retirement and health insurance as well as car insurance from trusted contacts that have been beneficial to my company.

I was referred to Todd by my accountant that I have been using for over 15 years now. So I contacted Todd when I incorporated my company to get a little bit of help getting some structure for my chaos. Over the last 8 months of working with Todd to make sense of what was changing with how I run my business, he has made alot of sense to me as to how to run a more efficient business. As well as to how to make my business work for me.

Peter Reed
Peter Reed Roofing, Inc.