Matt Holmes, Executive Director Groundwork Richmond


February 26, 2020

How was the getting started process like?

I was stuck in a bad break up with a previous bookkeeper. Todd and his team of accounting professionals demonstrated their understanding that I wasn’t coming to them with a perfect bookkeeping history. They found a pretty messy history and immediately began combing through my books and practices to see where I needed help first. The SBO team was able to quickly diagnose the missing practices and recommended corrective action. As an Executive Director accustomed to solving all the problems, I cannot overstate how comforting it was to have someone to confide in, to ask for help and to get the support I needed to move forward.

What communication with us is like?

I really appreciate the web conferencing interface used by SBO. IT’s easy to install and operate for those in depth meeting when everyone needs to be literally on the same page. At the same time I have found that their staff are more than capable of conducting much of our business over the phone which is especially useful when I am out in the field and do not have access to a computer.

What we ACTUALLY do for you?

SBO not only manages the many accounting details that have overwhelmed me in the past they have also provided me with an education so that I can better understand my business and make more informed choices. Most importantly, SBO gives me confidence that I am observing best practices and protecting my business for the long term.

WHY you hired us?

I was tired of bouncing from one cut rate bookkeeper to another. It was time to work with someone who made my business better!