Brent Gove | Gove Enterprises, Inc Roseville, California


February 27, 2020

“Hi this is Brent Gove. I want to give a shout out to SimpleBackOffice with Todd Lay and it’s been exceptional.”

“I’ve been start with him I don’t know a year ago the communications been excellent we have clean please we know exactly where our money’s going they audit everything all of our credit cards all of our payroll services you know cash on hand for casting it’s just been I mean I’ve worked with many bookkeeping services and financial services like this in the past this is five times better than the best experience I’ve ever had so if you’re thinking about SimpleBackOffice and Todd Lay and the staff. His staffs are great, Todd’s been great I could not recommend it enough so Brent go with exp Realty and bring Cove enterprises giving a big shout out and thumbs up to Todd Lay SimpleBackOffice feel free to reach out to me if you are no more bye bye”