3 steps to engage us

step 1

Choose your package

Choose a package for your business or investment entity that suits your core compliance and advice needs.

step 2

CUSTOMIZE your package

Want to add or subtract things like add-on software, additional compliance or advisory services? We can tailor our services to meet your specific requirements in discussion with you. Submit your inquiry and we will be in contact shortly to clarify your requirements with you. We then meet to discuss your requirements.

step 3


After examining your specific requirements and mutually agreeing on the scope of work and services to be provided, actual costs will be agreed with you. Engagement documentation is electronically distributed and e-signed to allow us to get to work quicker for you.

No business owner likes surprises. And no business owner wants to see a large lump sum bill from their accountant at the end of the year. We know this, so we’ve created weekly packages for you to choose from. Our packages cover the ‘compliance’ basics with a little extra but we understand you may want us to take control of some other things. Different businesses have different needs. Get in touch by phone, email or submit a request below to discuss which package is best suited to you and your business.


If none of our packages are a perfect fit for your needs, please contact us to discuss customising something more suitable to you.

When your financial targets are most important to achieve, our suite of services have been designed work with you closely to assist  you in hitting your financial targets.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    For many business owners, there comes a point you cannot make all of the decisions for expenses by just looking at your online bank account.

    You may have uncleared checks from the prior month, or you have recurring debits, etc. The purpose of having a Cash flow Forecast is to plan out your cash commitments for the next quarter, accounts receivables, insurance, workers compensation, tax installments. This way if you are planning to purchase new equipment i.e, new vehicle you can see how this payment will affect your business operations prior to pulling the trigger on a bad decision.

    Yes, we start out performing a 3 year business performance review, and work with you to create a budget that we monitor and meet with you quarterly.

    Your business generates great revenue, but you often have so much going on you want to make sure that you do not run out of cash to keep the business going.

    We work with our clients using a standardized cash account structure to see that operating expenses, taxes, payroll, and building capital all happens like clock work every week, every month.

    Yes, every year we are referred from many tax preparers to assist with this transition for getting their bookkeeping stabilized and in current order.

    MORE to this..

    If you are a new business, or have had a family member doing your bookkeeping. We start by requesting access to your current year of bookkeeping via QuickBooks Online.

    But what if you do not have your bookkeeping in QuickBooks? We then would provide an estimate for building out your company infrastructure along with your QuickBooks annual subscription.

    Here’s the thing….