I over paid the Franchise Tax Board, this is what happen…


February 7, 2018

I called the California State Franchise Tax Board today to be proactive about making sure our business is current on paying the minimum state tax amount of $800 for being a corporate entity.

Every year this is due by March 15th if you are a S Corporation (if your entity is other than a S CORP, I’ll give those dates below).

A couple of things you should know about this, they WILL NOT issue you an invoice or remind you of the due date. There is a penalty if you are late too.  It is not until January of the following year will they let you know you have a balance due and of course allowing the penalty AND interest accrue for nearly 9 months on top of it.

When I inquired about our balance it was shared that I had over paid last year and had a credit. I also found out they would not let me know of this until after I have filed our corporate taxes for 2017.

I asked can you apply my credit to 2018?

Yes, BUT this is what I have to do and it will take up to 30 days…

  1. Write a letter with my request and mail/fax it in to a specific department and unit number with our corporate identification number (this is not your FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number). You have to have your California State Corporation Identification on your request.
  2. It would be my responsibility to follow up in 10 day on the request if it was approved, otherwise they will contact us back.

Here are the due dates for 2018 for the following corporate entities:

Single Member LLC March 15, 2018

Standard LLC April 15, 2018

C Corporation April 15th, 2018

Here is the FTB website for specifics:  https://www.ftb.ca.gov/



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