Business Advisory:

Revenue Monitoring Services

Welcome to SimpleBackOffice. This dashboard presents “real time“ data on what is going on in your businesses so we can monitor and take appropriate action to supporting your financial targets. The default settings for the traffic light reporting system are:

  • Black = greater than 110% of target
  • Green = 90%-110% of target
  • Yellow = 70%-90% of target
  • Red = Less than 70% of target
The following are the different views of varying Periods:
  • MTD = Up to yesterday for the current month
  • Last Month = The most recent completed month
  • Financial YTD = Up to the end of the most recent completed month
  • Last Financial Year = The most recent completed financial year.
Sales Gross Profit % Net Profit % Receivable Days Payable Days Inventory Days Cash Balance Current Ratio
What is it?

A weekly financial monitoring service that creates accountability around specific set financial targets while being supported by a business advisor.

How it works?

Kick start your Revenue Monitoring Service with a planning session with your business advisor. During this objective business performance review learn how your business performed over the last three years in some very specific ways.

Obtain insights of sales trends, revenue drivers, activities affecting cash-flow, and cash balances.

Setting TARGETS to achieve your financial goals that create stability and profitability. Your business advisor will create up to 3 different scenarios for the two of you to review in a confidential meeting.

Each scenario will address 15 areas of your collective Profit and Loss & Balance Sheet from your QuickBooks Online accounting file for areas of improvement and benchmarks.

Once the appropriate scenario is selected and final calibrations have been set, your business advisor will skillfully monitor up to 8 key performance indicators on your behalf weekly based on your chosen financial targets.

If your business advisor observes activity shifting away from the targets that were set, they will give you a heads-up. Now depending on the severity of what they are seeing, they may want to schedule a brief call with you to triage the situation and to share suggestions to turn the issue around.
Our course If we see that you are on-track we’ll cheer you on - GREAT WORK!

Who is this for?

Have you ever just wished you had someone to collaborate with, or maybe someone to let you know when the numbers are shifting before it’s too late to correct the issue? If you said YES, you already know how much of an impact having accountability around your numbers will make. This service is for the motivated entrepreneur that thrives with partnering and accountability to achieve their financial goals.


Your business must be using QuickBooks Online and bookkeeping must be accurate and up to date daily for your business advisor to track financial targets with accuracy. It is not required that SimpleBackOffice, LLC perform bookkeeping services to implement this Revenue Monitoring Program.