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Todd Lay is Founder and CEO of SimpleBackOffice. He is often described as positive, high energy and detail minded. He is passionate about working with small business owners, while teaching them about the numbers in their business and how to improve them. It’s often said that if you “know your numbers, you know your business”. This is one of our core company beliefs is to educate our clients to run a more efficient, profitable, and meaningful business.

Todd lives in Rocklin, California with his wife and 3 children. He is an active member of the business community.

Hobbies: scuba diving, reading, trap shooting, travel, and time with family



About SimpleBackOffice:

We are a dynamic group solving many challenges for our clients. We use the latest technology together with our clients’ accounting software to get insights on how to better improve their profit and operation.

Each quarter our team meets up to work on and complete our strategic plan together for the the upcoming
quarter. This aligns our focus and creates great camaraderie.


SimpleBackOffice, you will never go to voice mail. You will always be greeted by one of our friendly team members
when you call during business hours. We are prompt to reply your email messages as well

We have a team of just under 10 people that is made up of accountants, bookkeepers, and administrative roles. We
are insured and use best practices in the way of digital security.

SimpleBackOffice started in 2004 originally as a virtually assistance and back-office support business. Then in 2010
we completely changed our business model to focus on paperless outsourced bookkeeping for small business. Now
starting in 2018 we have have expanded our offerings to include business advisory services.

And what’s the difference you’ll notice?

-None of the headache or hassles of hiring, firing, training, managing staff.
-Not having to deal with sick days, vacations, lateness, sloppy work, weak performance.
-Not having to pay for benefits, workers comp, taxes.
-Avoiding the overhead costs of space, furniture, equipment, supplies that in-house employees require.
-Most importantly, the significant costs savings and exquisite efficiency of paying a worker only for the exact amount of time it takes to complete a task.

Our Specialized Services

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Case Study