Marianne Akerland

Sacramento, California

Shortly after beginning services with Todd, I felt a huge sense of relief! Todd’s services are SO professional and efficient! In addition to working with Todd, we work closely with Michelle, who is awesome!!! I look forward to our scheduled “check-ins”. I have nothing but good things to say about Todd’s services – he cleaned up our accounting mess & has saved us time and money!

Eric Lofholm International

Rocklin, California

“Todd, I just want you to know that I sincerely appreciate you and the work that you do… you really really do great honest work in helping people in the area that guys like really need a help with. So just know that you’re really making a difference to your clients.”

Kevin Lewis

Green Frog Pest Solutions

“Our bookkeeping and accounting was in pretty sad shape to say the least. I contacted Todd at SimpleBackOffice and he and his team began immediately working on getting things in order. He and his team are very knowledgable and very friendly. I highly recommend Todd and his team!

Judy Pearson Kobsar, CHHC, CWP

Danville, California

“Todd is phenomenal with my business taxes. We had some clean up to do and multiple corporations and he and his team worked diligently to get us on track.  His attention to detail and additional business development suggestions were key in some of our annual decisions. His expertise lies not only in bookkeeping, but in how to run and grow a business.”

Mark W. Payne, EA, CFP®

San Francisco, California

Several of our business clients have used Todd for their bookkeeping needs for the past several years. They have been very pleased with the work and have nothing but good things to say about Todd and his team.

Tom Botti

Business Relationship Officer

Todd, with SimpleBackOffice, is a dream come true for small business owners looking to simplify their bookkeeping and financial reporting. Too often do I hear of business owners who “put off” the task of having a professional manage their books and create an organized system that makes everyone’s life easier. Unfortunately, only after being overwhelmed, overworked, and short of a loan approval, do they realize they should have acted sooner. Give Todd a call. You won’t regret it.

Chris Colgin, D.C.

Owner, Colgin Chiropractic and iChoose Wellness Center

“Todd Lay’s SimpleBackOffice system is the FERRARI of all bookkeeping services for any business. You ALWAYS know in real time how your business is performing. I love taking picture of my receipt with my smart phone and emailing to Todd! Talking about convenient! Todd has really helped me with great advice and structure to assist my business. My accountant loves him and yours will too

Rebecca Wilson, D.C.

Foster City, California

The getting started process was easy which is important to me because I already wear so many hats at work. Whenever I hire someone a ,vendor, I want the process to be seamless for me because I don’t have the luxury of time. They free up time for me to do what I am great at. I appreciate the communication with the staff, especially Bianca, because of her constant willingness to help me no matter what or how many questions I have and I appreciate how they answer my questions so promptly. The work they do for me is they categorize all of my expenses which takes stress off my plate and they meet with me quarterly to review my financials with me. I hired Todd and his team because they allow me peace of mind. They take care of my numbers so I can rest easily at night.

Keith Huggett, CPA

Roseville, California

“It has been a pleasure working with Todd and his skilled team of bookkeepers for nearly 10 years. I expect we will continue to collaborate for the good of our clients for many more.”

Natalie Sipes

Blue Water Credit

“I’m pleased to recommend Todd Lay and his team. As a small business owner I’d been trying to do everything myself and their handling of our finances has freed up my time and energy immeasurably. They have a really great system in place for electronically transmitting info back and forth to make the process really easy and secure. Very good customer service and communication.”

Meghan Jenkins, BBINC

Santa Cruz, California

I have been working with Todd and his amazing team for over 4 years now. I love that I get so much more than just bookkeeping! Todd and his team genuinely care about the well being and success of my business. He has gone above and beyond in helping my business grow and thrive! The neat thing I immediately recognized about Todd is his attention to detail and how he constantly comes up with fun, successful ideas specifically designed for my business! Balancing a large business with a busy lifestyle has been difficult at times but Todd’s focus and tremendous organizational skills have always kept me on track! I am so grateful for Todd and his team and look forward to continuing our relationship for many years to come! Thanks everyone at SimpleBackOffice for everything you do, I am truly thankful!


Dave Waldschmidt, Centzable, Inc

Roseville, California

I had my hands full building a startup internet company. From web design & software development to capital raising, it was clear that having a cost-effective, trustworthy talented bookkeeping service was imperative, and Todd & his team at SimpleBackOffice have exceeded our expectations year after year. Their service is seamless, their responsiveness and attention to detail sets them apart. Thank you Todd for all you and your team have done along the way.

Terrell Williams, Build Craft, Inc.

Sacramento, California

“Before I hired Todd Lay and the SimpleBackOffice team my books were a mess. I had a single bookkeeper that became harder to get a hold of. As the saying goes two heads are better that one, so it is with SimpleBackOffice. I now have a team of people to rely on. Communication is well orchestrated and bookkeeping is done with a modern approach.”

Tim Mickiewicz, D.D.S.

Sacramento, California

“If you need persistent communication to run a business you can’t go wrong with Todd. Frankly, bookkeeping is not my forte. I was truly shocked at how quickly they got a years worth of accounting done at a reasonable fee, with excellent follow-up. In this age of obsessive over regulation so many fronts, it is nice to have a team to rely on… I am most pleased with the whole team.