Outsourced paperless bookkeeping is easy and simple.

Simply scan your statements, receipts and other documents.

Send your documents to our streamlined online paperless system.

You will receive a secured login for your account.

You can fax, email or scan your documents.

Our team of dedicated staff will process your documents and will identify any that need clarification.

What’s nice is that you can access any of the documents online at ANY time. Simply login and search for a document.

This will save you time and money!

We’re not down the hall, but we are down the street.

Here are 5 Reasons to Use SimpleBackOffice:

•  Friendly, knowledgeable staff
•  High quality work without having to hire and manage another employee
•  Easy to implement our paperless workflow
•  Timely financial reports to help you manage your business
•  We help you focus on your business