“I started working with Todd Lay and his bookkeeping staff about a year ago. I have a fast paced and growing company, and was in need of a team that could support my demanding needs. I like how everything runs smoothly and is paperless. I get my reports on time and have regular meetings with my bookkeeper for comments and questions. Todd suggested a great idea I have implemented that resulted in a more streamlined operation, saving me more time. I highly recommend Todd Lay and his staff to assist you with any of your bookkeeping, accounting or payroll needs.”

Brian Kelley
Partner – Home Inspection Company

“The need to utilize SimpleBackOffice became apparent when our company doubled in size and the requirements to get the books in order were detrimental to running the business. SimpleBackOffice streamlined our receipt process, gives us accurate cost accounting for projects, and allows us to look at our cash position more efficiently. It’s simple! We just upload our invoices and have the checks ready to print the next day. Their staff walked us through the initial startup and was very thorough to ensure that they had all the critical documentation in place. We can now conduct our business and accounting where ever our next project is located. SimpleBackOffice provides peace of mind in knowing that our books are up to date.”

Jim Coats
Owner – Construction Company

“I started my business as a professional interior designer 2 years ago and it just took off! I quickly found myself overwhelmed with all of the aspects of running a business. I spend most of my day driving all over meeting with clients and General Contractors to create someone’s perfect dream home. At the end of the day I don’t have the time or energy to keep up with invoicing and the managing my bookkeeping. Todd strategized a plan for me to better track my billable time and create invoices for me. As I grow my business, I already have my very own virtual accounting department in place.”

Kimberly Reyes
Owner – Interior Design Company

“As a busy entrepreneur in the game industry, keeping up to date books did not make it to the top of my priority list, and so I fell behind. Once the work piled up, it was that much harder to dig into it and make everything right. Working with SimpleBackOffice was the solution I was looking for. Access to a knowledgeable staff skilled at what they do let me quickly catch up on my backlog of bookkeeping and stay focused on the areas of my business where I can make the biggest difference.”

Mike Turner
Video Game Designer

“I’m pleased to recommend Todd Lay and his team. As a small business owner I’d been trying to do everything myself and their handling of our finances has freed up my time and energy immeasurably.  They have a really great system in place for electronically transmitting info back and forth to make the process really easy and secure. Very good customer service and communication.”

Natalie Sipes
Owner – Credit Repair Company

“Todd and the team at SimpleBackOffice have brought a wealth of cost-efficiency and convenience to our company’s back office workflow. Supporting offices in two cities, Todd and his team have invested significant time and resources getting to know every aspect of our work-flow and bookkeeping resource needs. I could never have hoped to find such a great team to work with, without the hassle of having to interview, hire, train, and pay an employee…even part time. In my opinion, the service provided is unparalleled in the industry. SimpleBackOffice has earned my business for as long as I’m in business (and they help me stay there)!”

Michael Promes
Owner – IT Management Services