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Do you know what’s the impact of the PPP loan on your 2020 Taxes?

Have you received your PPP? I'm here to discuss the Paycheck Protection Program. Also, I will talk about the impacts of qualified business income tax later on.  What are the impacts of PPP?  About the PPP, we were going over the financials of one of our clients that ended up receiving the PPP loan or paycheck protection loan. And one... VIEW ARTICLE

How can reimbursements go bad?

Hi. It's Todd Lay. I'm going to explain some really great highlights about what happens when reimbursements end up going bad. I'm getting those set up for your company. As you all know, we work with high six and seven-figure business owners to help them understand their financials on a regular basis. We handle three areas for them.  First, we... VIEW ARTICLE

Case Study

Case Study