Todd Lay

About the Founder Todd Lay:

Todd Lay is Founder and CEOof SimpleBackOffice. He founded SimpleBackOffice to provide professional staff to small and medium-sized businesses to perform “back office” functions on an as-needed, on-demand basis at an affordable cost.

Todd lives in Rocklin, California with his wife and 3 children. He is an active member of the business community and Co-Founder of the Roseville Growth Network.

About SimpleBackOffice:

With SimpleBackOffice, you can enjoy all the benefits that a professional staff provides for a fraction of the price of an on-site employee. You pay ONLY for actual work done, saving you substantial dollars over the cost of hiring staff.

Not only can we reduce your business costs, we can improve your bottom line. With a team of bookkeepers always available, we never take a lunch break or a vacation. We don’t get sick or arrive late.

SimpleBackOffice is staffed by a team of smart, personable, off-site and bookkeepers. Our pre-screened, qualified workers offer many skills, and are capable of performing a variety of jobs from bookkeeping to payroll.

We do everything you’d expect a great staff to do, except we’re off-site. Basically, we work for you . . . just not in your office.

Your callers, customers and clients won’t know the difference. But you will.

And what’s the difference you’ll notice?

-None of the headache or hassles of hiring, firing, training, managing staff.
-Not having to deal with sick days, vacations, lateness, sloppy work, weak performance.
-Not having to pay for benefits, workers comp, taxes.
-Avoiding the overhead costs of space, furniture, equipment, supplies that in-house employees require.
-Most importantly, the significant costs savings and exquisite efficiency of paying a worker only for the exact amount of time it takes to complete a task.

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